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My name is Nana and I'm an Israeli software developer living and working in the Netherlands. I met Curdin during my search for a balanced and happier life style, after years of endless stressful work hours that were affecting me physically and emotionally. By creating a safe, friendly and non judgemental environment, Curdin made it easy to trust and share my story with him. Together in a process of guided questions, in combination with playful elements, we created a set of tools for me to deal with stress at work better. The results were and still are really powerful and empowering, apparently I had all the answers myself and mostly needed an honest, trustworthy and helpful coacher by my side. Since then i'm back working, enjoying a healthy happy work-life balance. And not everything is always stress free, but on those moments I use the acquired tools and can breath again. Forever thankful for Curdin's coaching and highly recommend him!

Nana Ginzbourg

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